April 24, 2015

Steampunk Beauty


Tutorial written by Marcia Salgado on April 15th, 2015
for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.
Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
If you want to translate please ask first. 


Tube: "Steampunk" SwanScraps, you can purchase it at PFD, here
do not use without the proper #license.
PTU Kit "Steampunk Beauty" by Dance In The Rain,
you can purchase it here 
Mask: Dee's Mask, halftone-mask-2, here 
Font: CorpusCare


--> Remember to save often and use my tag as reference if necessary. Used the Drop Shadow: 1-1-50-5 in most layers. 

1. Create a new image 700x700. Add a new layer, select all. Open paper 5. Copy and paste into selection. Deselect. Apply Dee's mask. Merge group. Open element 107. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it down. 

2. Open element 49. Copy and paste as new layer. Select inside the frames. Expand > 4. Add a new layer. one paper 11. Copy and paste into selections. Keep selected. Open your close up. Copy and paste as new layer. Arrange the layer below frame layer. Place it inside the bigger frame. Invert selection. Delete. Open your tube and copy. Paste as new layer. Place a part of it inside one of the smaller frames. Delete. Pas your tube again and place in inside the last frame. Delete. Merge the three layers of the tube. Blend Mode: Luminance (Legacy, low the opacity to 40. Duplicate. Gaussian Blur: 4. Blend Mode: Gaussian Blur. Increase the layer opacity to 60.

3. Open element 31. resize 40%. Copy and paste as new layer. Place this layer above mask layer. Move it to left top, just leave a part of flower showing below the frame. Duplicate and move it to the right a little. Duplicate again and move it to bottom. Place the flowers around the frame. Merge all flowers layers to keep only one layer with this element.

4. Open element 110. Resize 40%. Copy and place as new layer and repeat the same process placing this flowers around the frame too. Merge these flowers layers, keep only one layer with the element.

5. Click on first layer (must be frame layer). Open element 100. Resize 40%. Mirror. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to right an place it between the two smaller frames. Open element 127. Resize 50%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to left. Place it over bigger frame border. 

6. Open element 94. Resize 15%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to left, and pleace it over the pendent top. Open element 118. Resize 17%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to right top corner, place it over the frame border. Free Rotate: Left-10.

7. OPen your tube, resize irt if needed. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it a littl to right. Add a suitable shadow. Open element 16. Resize 80%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to bottom. add a black border of 2px. Erase some parts of the wordart to look as the tube is interlaced with it.

--> Resize if wanted. Add your copyright info and license#. 
Add your name and save as PNG.