March 19, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon


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Tutorial written by Marcia Salgado on March 19th, 2015
for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.
Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
If you want to translate please ask first. 


Tube: PinUp Toons - Pack with 3 tubes, you can purchase it at CDO, here
do not use without the proper #license.
PTU Kit "Tuesday Afternoon" by Hungry Hill,
you can purchase it hat CDO, here
Font: Alice and the Wicked Monster


--> Remember to save often and use my tag as reference if necessary. Used the Drop Shadow: 1-1-50-5 in most layers. 

1. Create a new image 783x500. Open frame-line. Copy and paste as new layer. With magic wand select inside the frames. Expand > 4. Add a new layer . Open paper-5. Mirror. Copy. Paste into selection. Move this layer below the frame. Keep seleceted. Open your tube - I'm using 3 from the same artist. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it inside the frames. Invert selection and delete. Select all. Selections > Clip to canvas. Image > Crop to selection - to get rid of any extra pixel. Add a suitable shadow to the tubes and frame. Merge visible. 

2. Open element stem. Resize 38%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it way to the left. Place it under the rope. Open element cloud. Resize 64%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to top right. Open element vine. Free Rotate: Right-90. Place it under the rope. 

3. Click on first layer, should me the merged one. OPen element blossoms-1. Resize 22%. Mirror. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it way left, over the rope. OPen element snail. Resize 15%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it way to the right and place it over the rope. Open WA-2. Resize 78%. Copy and paste as new layer. Place it over the rope, where fits you better.

4. OPen element flutterby. Resize 14%; Free Rotate: Right-20. Move it over last frame left top. Open toy-plane. Resize 17%. Free Rotate: Left-20. Move it over first frame bottom right.Open water-drops. Resize 38%. Copy and paste as new layer and move it over the middle frame on its right side. 

5. Crop Tool - Snap crop rectangle to: Merged Opaque. Apply. Add yout copyright info and #license. Add your name. Save as PNG.