March 9, 2015



Tutorial written by Marcia Salgado on March 9th, 2015
for those who have a working knowledge of PSP.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.
Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net.
If you want to translate please ask first. 


Tube: PinUp Toons, you can purchase it at CDO, here 
PTU Kit "ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1" by Monti's Scraps, 
you can purchase it at CDO, here 
Simone (Lorraine) Animation SimoneAni313 at Scrappy Bit Of Fun, here.
Plugin: Mura's Meister > Copies > Tiling (Angle)
Font: Neuropol X Rg and Pixelette for text layer.


--> Remember to save often and use my tag as reference if necessary. Used the Drop Shadow: 1-1-50-5 in most layers. In this tutorial I'm only showing how to use Simone's animation not the noise.

1. Open a new image 600x300.Add a new layer. Use the color #33bca8 as foreground color and #a5efd8 as background color. Create a gradient: Style=Linear Angle=130 Repeats=0 and fill the layer. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Paper2 Copy and paste as new layer. Move it down until shows some clovers at right side of the tag. Change blend mode to Overlay.

2. Using Pixelette font or another pixel font, write a quote, I used St. Patrick's Day - in white, size 6 (works for pixelette). Objects > Align > Center in canvas. Apply Mura's Meister > Copies > Tiling (Angle) > Only change Tile Gap to 2. Shadow: 1-0-65-2-Black. Change blend mode to Overlay.

3. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element8.Resize 65%. Free Rotate: Right-30. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it far away top at middle. Duplicate and let the copy invisible. Apply a drop shadow on original element. Merge Visible. Rename the layer BACKGROUND.

4. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element1. Flip. Resize 35%. Free Rotate: Right-25. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it tp middle down. Drop Shadow. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element15. Resize 65%. Copy and paste as new layer. Move a little to left. Drop shadow.Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element3. Resize 44%. Free Rotate: Right-10. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it way down, keave out only the clovers.

5. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Paper6. Copy and paste as a new layer. Select all. Selections > Clip to Canvas. Image > Crop to Selection. Select all. Selections > Modify > Contract > 5. Delete. Add a close up of your tube. Move it to left. Add a suitable shadow. 

6. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element4. Resize 9%. Free Rotate: Left-90. Copy and paste as new layer. I'm using the ladybug over the tube hand, if your tube is different you can use it over the flower or the clovers.

7. Open ScrapMonti_IB-AnnaMarine-14-1-Element18. Resize 20%. Mirror. Flip. Again, I'm using this clover on the hat of my tube. You can use it elsewhere or not use it at all.

--> Add your copyright info and # license. Add your name. I'm using Neuropol X Rg, the size depends of the lenght of the name.


1. Click on background layer and copĂ˝. In Animation Shop paste as new animation and duplicate until you get 19 frames in total. Select all.

2. Open the animation SimoneAni313. Select all and copy. Paste into slected frame. Place it with top clover of animation over the clover of the element. Keep all frames selected.

3. Back to PSP. Leave BACKGROUND invisible. Open the copy of the lucky bag. Copy merged. Paste as new animation and copy. Edit > Propagate Paste. Paste into Selected frame. Cover the lucky bag with the copy that is with the frame. Save.